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Last time on the childmurder games, the childmurder games concluded with a whimper.

And now the post-game shenanigans. )
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Getting a pileup that might all get deleted down again, so I want to preserve it forever because it's beautiful.

(All the lovely chatter from last time's gone because they switched to a new page.)

People have opinions! )
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Last time on the childmurder games, it was a lovely mix of boredom, squick, and terrible implications. Then finally the rain stopped and they accidentally killed another child.

Well, let's finish this. )
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You know, I'm not one to demand total uncertainty. The fact the protagonist lives is never really in doubt here, and there's no need to jump through hoops in a doomed attempt to make it suspenseful. But at this point, there's nothing at all left to wonder about.

No, really. )
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Last time on the Hunger Games, Katniss decided to change things up and turn them into the Hunger Games, and I complain of titling fail.

And now, Rue. )
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First warm rain of the year.

Can't seem to post anything longer than this, so the childmurder reviews will have to wait.
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Last time on the childmurder games, Katniss murdered some people by wasp, but got stung a couple times herself. She managed to steal the bow and arrow off the corpse of one girl, then was told to run by Peeta as the hallucinations kicked in.

Now she's curled in a ball hallucinating. )
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Last time on the childmurder games, Katniss was up a tree wishing she had a bow so she could kill everyone when she noticed Rue was in the tree next to her and pointing at something.

It's a wasp's nest. )
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Last time on the murderdeath games, Katniss wanders around for some time until she finds water. Then, forest fire.

In Which Katniss Proceeds To Do The Exact Opposite Of What One Should )
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612 Works found in Homestuck!

I was going to post a fic but I think I'll let this stay around as long as possible.

Now let's see if we can get to 1025!

Edit: Nope, we are now at 611. So I'm posting now. It's Beginnings, and it's about a lack of them.
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Last time on the childmurder games, eleven kids are killed and another girl is mutilated. Thank goodness Katniss was smart and tied herself to her sleeping tree so she stays in when startled!

I'm not kidding, the chapter honest to god starts with 'Thank goodness' )
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Last time on the childmurder games, no one figured out how to be a conscientious objector and Katniss finally arrived at the site of the childmurder games.

And now the game actually begins. )
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Last time on the childmurder games, Peeta confessed he was in love with Katniss on live television, and we end part one. Now, on to Part II: The Games.

First, more non-game waffling chapter for some reason. )
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Interlude. Next the games begin.
We're done with the first part of the book, so now seems a good time to look over what we've seen so far.

Let's talk about hunger, food, and weapons a bit. )
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Last time on the childmurder evilgames, Katniss was mad the gamemakers were ignoring her, so she shot an arrow through the apple in their roast pig and stalked off.

Then she decides to go cry on her bed. )


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