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Because the class is Philosophy and we are girls, we are discussing love for two months.

This means reading someone who, despite having nothing but failed relationships, believes she is qualified to make grand statements about What Love Really Is. And if you don't agree you're in denial. "You're in denial" is to Philosophy and Psychology what Hitler is to online debate.

Today we discussed her brilliant statements like "If you don't love God, you can't love".

To not even touch the fact that the statement is unsupported, one of those things people just say because it sounds right at the moment, it is so annoying that Christians get to make statements about atheists being amoral jerks, yet it's not considered polite to say, "Yeah, and I guess Christians are just amoral jerks who are also cowards" in response. And you just get in trouble if you say something like, "So I guess I'm going to bring in a gun and shoot you all tomorrow, what with having no idea of right and wrong." Bring up prison populations and there's some whining about how "those don't represent all Christians". Well, better an obnoxious sweeping statement based on a tiny percentage than an obnoxious sweeping statement based on your idea of how atheists act because you just think so. (The nicest thing my classmates can say about atheists is that despite being godless freaks with no moral center, sometimes we have some kind of spirituality in our life despite the lack of god. Seeing as I don't, I can only assume they really are expecting me to go on a shooting spree soon.)

Then it continued on to some stuff about consumerism replacing god in our lives. Except, you know, Christians are major consumers. I don't know they're more consumers than atheists, but considering my class is pro-anecdotal evidence and I'm the least consumerist of all of them...

It's not so much that it's somewhat aimed at me (I was pretty annoyed Hinduism was put in the hallowed "semi-good" category because they are the most compatible Eastern religion with Christianity) as it is just that it's so incredibly dumb. It's one thing to hold different views. It's another to hold different views because you heard someone say something that one time and you thought it sounded clever.

And if I never have to hear that bit about needing to love and accept yourself before you love others it will be too soon. Stop repeating the fucking soundbytes.


Dec. 12th, 2005 03:59 pm
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Beloved peers,

Black idiot: I'm tired of defending your rights. Fuck you, fuck Brown vs the Board of Education, fuck the entire civil rights movement. You don't want affirmative action? You don't see anything wrong with random causeless searches or police roundups? You don't mind people being arrested without charges? You don't see anything wrong with 'shoot to kill'? Then fine.

Supposed females: The boy over there should not be the only one in class standing up for your damn rights. You don't want an abortion? Fine! What part of 'choice' do you fucking not get?

Drug idiot: No, the 'fact' that smoking weed while driving is way safer than a beer is not a legitimate reason to legalize it. Get the fuck off my side and go back to frying your brain. It shouldn't take much more.

White enough to cause glare: The fact you feel the police have never unfairly picked on you because of your skin color HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MINORITY GROUPS EVER. Similarly, your lack of interaction with the police are not suitable evidence to call those minority groups paranoid idiots for thinking otherwise.

Computer illiterate: Tell me one more time that there's no way anyone could possibly track credit card purchases and I'm going to crush your skull with the computer three feet away from you.

Brainless: No, France is not a place of horrible racism and persecution, unlike shining America, where, unlike America, they typically discriminate and insult Muslims and blacks and keep them in ghettos for no reason.

Asshole: People who can't speak English do not deserve to be locked up and tortured under false charges because 'they should have known better'.

Religious morons: Most of the terrorism in America is caused by you fucktards, not Muslims. But I may be giving your names to a local mosque if you say they all 'deserve' periodic FBI raids and closings because they're plotting our downfall.

Irish kid: Saying property rights should allow you to decide the appearance of who you seat and hire? Makes me want to throttle you.

Bigot: The Arabs are not plotting your death. I am.

'Teacher': You do not compare LA riots to Katrina. You do not talk about the 'black people' rioting and looting during Katrina. You most definitely do not say they both had an incompetent black mayor. And if you do, you do not fucking turn around and talk about burning cars in France as 'civil disobedience'.

The rest of you: Call me a conspiracy theorist for something mentioned on all major news outlets ONE MORE TIME and I'm going to show why it wasn't so bright for all of you to only support the second amendment.


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