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Russian overlords, that last post was not meant as a challenge for you to demonstrate even greater fail.
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My forum rating on Fanlib has been five stars for a while, despite getting into like five fights, arguing for harsh concrit, defending people who give one-star ratings not once but multiple times, and snarking. And I just got into a fight over evolution, and I still have a five-star rating. In fact I think I sicced a bunch of people on a Inuyasha author.

I am really confused.

I'm thinking of uploading a manip of that really creepy Jack Chick Jesus-loves-pedophiles tract, though. That may take care of the issue.

(Also - currently have 666 hits total.)

Edit: dropped a star. The balance of the universe has been restored.

Fanlib use

Feb. 16th, 2008 02:55 pm
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The more I use fanlib, the more evident it gets that it's designed to pass around a small amount of content rather than to allow you to provide it.

Exhibit A: The profile pages. Favorite something, and it goes in a block that sits above your own submissions. People clicking your profile are faced with the list of your favorites, not your writing. Subscribe to a category or other author, and this also goes on top - between the two, your own submissions are now completely out of sight. Can you even imagine FFN setting profiles so that your favorite stories and authors were displayed rather than your own work? The majority of the users are thus content recommenders, not providers.

Exhibit B: Tiered structure. Featured stories aren't just displayed on the homepage. Click any category and the initial story list is the featured stories. In the larger categories, that can mean the entire first page or so. You have to change the sorting method to see new stories, and no, there's no way to tell it to do this for the whole site. Readers checking out categories see the most popular, recommended stories first and foremost. And it's not as if the stories are starred or set off in any way that tips you off - there's no way to distinguish featured from nonfeatured except by the sorting mechanism. It's easy to miss.

Exhibit C: Subscriptions. I just checked this out. You might imagine "subscriptions" to mean that you get sent notification when there's a new entry. No. You might think it means that your subscriptions list will update when there's a new entry. No. If you subscribe to a category, then on your profile, there's a little block taken up by stories sorted by the most views. This is clearly useless to any subscriber, because most views means the oldest stories, the most popular, and the ones you've already seen, and it means it's virtually impossible that any new story will show up there for months, if at all. It is, in other words, not a subscription - it's favoriting a person or category, and then displaying their most popular entries for the benefit of whoever shows up to your profile. It's more channeling to the most popular minority of stories, who will get more hits as a result, preserving their place on the list.

Other things: When you get a review or comment on a forum or anything, you're sent an email telling you, then you click the link to go to the site and see it. (It's not a bug, it's a feature!) The number of comments you get isn't displayed on a story, just the average star rating and hits. There's a similar rating system on the forums for individual posts that makes the entire page reload every time you do it - that must generate a lot of apparent views to their advertisers. I'm not sure how much of the stuff above is just there to force you through three or four page reloads/advertiser views to get to the content you want, and how much is deliberate funneling.

Whatever, it's pretty creepy.
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Because I can't really do anything about Livejournal being evil. New biblefic - Traditional Values - A Parable of Tenants and Tenets posted. I'd already written two, so I figure I might as well post them up. Plus, the new chapter of Pokemon Revolution is particularly sucky, and I need to let it percolate through my brain until I figure out how to completely rewrite it without jeopardizing the rest of the story.

(Jesus' parables are incredibly bizarre. This one is actually one of the more reasonable ones. Many of the parables are more inscrutable than stories in the old testament, which is to say harder to understand than stories that predate them by several thousand years, written in a dead language from even older oral legend, and having gone through several steps of translation. I don't know what this means, but whatever it is, it's pretty weird.)
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So I wrote my first piece of bible fanfic and just posted it on Fanlib. I'm tempted to give no link, but then interested people would have to click through the site and give them extra hits, so it can be found at http://www.fanlib.com/fanfic/Traditional_Values___The_Daughters__Lot/2edlf7 (best viewed with Adblock or some similar program so they don't get advertising dollars).

I'm planning to alternative posting two story sets, "traditional values" and "contemporary themes". Because fuck them, being gay is not a "contemporary theme" that needs the same rating as small children being raped to death by zombie dogs. You want stuff that's inappropriate for kids? That'd be the actual bible, thanks.

And because I want to be noisy and annoying about it, rather than just post and move along, I toddled off to the forum they nicely set up for spamming about your fanfic, and innocently posted about my awesome new fanfic.
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Okay first, this is awesome. If you don't know what it's about, reading the rest of the community should help. Short version: They are a fanfiction site. Also, they are evil.

Second, I've decided that my passive observation and less passive forum posts on the site were not enough.

They're rerating bible fanfiction with gay characters as adult (ie, hidden behind the filter of doom), and it's pretty obvious they're going to have to do the same with other stories. I'm going to go write het bible stories, bible stories with incest, lesbians, g-rated stories with gay guys and anything else I can think of that's not what they want. (I knew reading the bible would come in handy!)

Then I'm going to write some Ash/Latias and possibly Ash/Tauros. And perhaps Misty/Female!Psyduck for variety.

Forcing the issue is a completely legitimate tactic. Also, it's fun.

I strongly endorse anyone else taking any similar actions, as well as posting defamatory material about them, hacking the site, sending them viruses, or throwing bricks through the founders' windows. I would prefer that you made sure to tape a NC-17 pink guy/blue guy slash printout to the brick first, though.


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