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And to think, I originally estimated it'd take a month or so.

The moral is obviously that I am terminally incompetent when it comes to time.
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Finished gloating to little brother. Time to get to work now.


Apr. 6th, 2007 03:44 pm
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I'm thinking I'm going to post something major on April 13th, because, well, Friday the Thirteenth? Awesome. Plus my writing of late is heading further and further into screwing with peoples' heads territory, so I figure the April part just makes it better.

Also, pretty much done with the next chapter of Ice, but it's pretty rough. It should contain the important plot development of the child developing a personality because she finally figures out that being a black hole of noninformation is not a good long-term strategy for convincing people you are a fellow human entity that shouldn't be killed.

This may seem obvious to anyone else, but her normal interactions with people were short-term. She was never forced to interact with the same people for extended periods before.

(It takes her even longer to realize that if you don't talk for months when you're someone else's sole companionship, they'll go nuts. But that's something for later.)


Jan. 13th, 2006 12:16 pm
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So I wanted to write a third sue-parody chapter for Unoriginality OT to round out the Sue and Not-Sue chapters. Then I realized that despite being perhaps the most irritating and insidious form of sue, it'd be impossible to parody. I started writing a little essay thing to hammer out why it was a sue instead (it's amazing how writing helps one work out one's own thoughts), and then got a simply brilliant idea.

With any luck, it'll be done in a month or two. I'll post it here.


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