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Monsters Ch2 is up. No chapter titles for whatever reason.

It actually is an interesting challenge to write. The thing about high school is that although it's certainly something most people have experience with, this never translates into being able to write about it well. I think it's the burning need to give your thoughts on yaoi the failures inherent in the schooling system. Because you're there a lot. And bored. And thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking, and all those thoughts are along the lines of "I'm bored" and "This is so stupid". And at the same time, you've thought those same thoughts ten billion times to the point you have no idea where the starting point is, and barely even notice your surroundings.

So I'm going to try to describe the setting a bit, while keeping the ramblings on school in general more under control. None of it's really relevant yet - I'm just kind of going to throw stuff up and see what sticks.

Some stuff I have ideas for after writing it, and others I don't. So, the heating thing is going to kind of tie into the story at some point, but it's included because my dominant school experience was that it's fucking cold and who the hell designed this?

I have the feeling people are going to misunderstand the author's note, since it's a pile of nested qualifiers and negations.
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"How would you write a high school story?" I ask Mom in desperation.


I explain. "And it's so incredibly boring!"

"Cut out the classes," Mom says.


So, I'm going to start cutting out the scene setting and summarizing crappiness. I blame Twilight for this. Clearly, its suck is infectious.
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Monsters is posted over on fictionpress.

Why, yes, it is very much like I'm frantically procrastinating to avoid dealing with the mess that is Pokemon Revolution's speech markers.

...and yes, it is very much like I've switched accounts and changed names to reduce access to those old crappy original stories I wrote six years or so back. Very much like that, because of course there are no such stories and you should not investigate further.

Thus far, I have one hit and one person signed up for alerts, which seems positive.

Also, in news that can only be described as sheer awesome, apparently I reduce someone to frothing rage on a regular basis, which fills me with abject glee. It's enough to make me want to construct some new not-me to get a better vantage point for such things. Something to consider in a few months when I get bored with current projects. (Yes, I a horrible, horrible person.)
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The opening of the story! Really rough structurally and I have no idea how much I'll keep, so feel free to suggest any changes. Which pretty much means responses of "everything you are doing is wrong and the story itself is an abomination that offends god by its very existence" are welcome.

Poorly structured story is poorly structured! )

I'm not sure if I'll keep the first day of school setup, or having them all there at the same time (it's important that Mike and Crystal are there before Brewelph, and it'd give me more time to establish them, but on the other hand I'm not sure if I should be doing things to peg the timeline as a big deal) rather than having Brewelph show up a bit later.


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