May. 27th, 2008 03:15 pm
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As part of being home, we've been going out to see movies. I saw the live action Death Note movie, which was a lot better than I expected. It also kept me guessing despite being familiar with the manga (largely because I didn't know there was any second movie, so I kept wondering how they'd resolve everything when they only had about two hours and Light was still fooling with apples, plus the biggest divergence from the manga plot comes right at the end). They did cheat a bit (there are a number of instances, especially the really climatic scene, where Light is not only acting for the sake of in-movie watchers but apparently acting to screw with the viewers on the other side of the screen) but by and large it's good.

We also saw Prince Caspian. (My brother didn't want to watch it because of the sexism. We're pretty sure that was just him trying to get out of watching a movie, since he's really timid about new things) I wanted to see it largely because I wanted to see how the events of the book get portrayed in the movie, namely the sexism. :) It was about as good as The Golden Compass in a lot of ways, even if I didn't get immersed in that in favor of carrying on a running conversation about Susan's character. Midway through I got distracted by the portrayal of how it's wrong to kill people (if they're kings, otherwise, slaughter 'em all without a second thought), followed by the Aslan stuff. Interestingly, the Aslan stuff works fine as long as you ignore the Jesus parallel.

Dad's Baptist, which helps in following this kind of stuff )


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