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So I've given 686 reviews. I have no idea how many stories were deleted over this, because a lot of people did the delete/repost thing and some people who are brighter than them may be waiting until the month is over to repost, so even going through the links wouldn't tell me much.

Normally I stalk the Just In page for this, but this month I've been behind. The major thing I noticed from that is the lack of reviews. Aside from attention whoring submit-an-OC fics, most had few to no reviews. As a number of newbies reviewed their story while signed in, I'm suspicious about how many anonymous reviews were done by cleverer authors. This is kind of depressing. I'm not even sure if I can say that this is a problem on the reviewers' side, because god damn do most of these fics suck. Looking for even mediocre stories is an exercise in tedium, and I can't help but wonder how many people are actually reading.

Of the 686, 370 of them got the dialogue paragraph. That's not counting the number of stories bad enough for me to just tell them to get a beta reader, yell at them for writing songfic or anything else that made me ragequit early rather than list errors, and there's also a number where was no dialogue to screw up. In fairness, a number of them had what looked like errors as opposed to systematically doing it wrong, but still. I spam the dialogue bit constantly and I just did NaRe a few months ago, I'm not really sure what more I could do. I guess actually reply to everyone who PMs me about "omg long paragraph is looooong" and try to talk them through it would be the next step in futility, but fuck that.

And the thing is, until more people do it and readers can get used to seeing how it works, individual authors will still struggle with the explanation and new authors will keep making the same mistakes. It's one of those tipping point problems.

We really need some sort of reviewing/betaing movement that doesn't involve me doing all of the work.
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Finally done. )

And on that note, we really are done!

I'd like to take a moment to remind some lurkers I've been happily watching for the past few days that you're totally complicit in this. As I've said before, I'll stop doing this as soon as anyone else steps up. If you think the problem is how I'm saying it, go forth and review in whatever you think the acceptable tone of text is. I don't care how this stuff is said so long as someone says it, and if someone or someones want to blanket the category with an explanation of dialogue next time, I won't.

And now back to Homestuck. I got all the way up to page three and now I'm back to page god knows what. So early accusations of futility may have been warranted, but sometimes the enjoyment is in the stone-rolling itself, so on balance I'm going to call that a net win for me.

Edit: Oh anon, you have no idea do you? ♥♥♥
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I can't really say if they're better or worse. )

Would have gotten more done but my laptop's getting screwy again.
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Sixteen pages! )

Current review count: 1883
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Ugh. )

Current review count is 1732 reviews.


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