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324 pages in Word. 154,530 words. 564 reviews given. Current user stats put me at just over twelve hundred total reviews, though given FFN's delay I'll have to check in a few days to be sure that's the final number.

I feel pretty good about it. I got two new good reviewers checking out my stories, the first on Reality saying interesting things and another over on Ice, and a number of others. I got a lot of hits, nearly double from last month, and numerous people added me/a story of mine to their favorites/alerts. Plus I got another chapter out of it!

And I really do think the whole blanketing thing works. The longer I go, the more it seems I get people saying they'll consider what I said, which was never even something I was trying for.

See, if you think of concrit as a private conversation between author and reviewer, it's very much like carving delicately crafted bricks and then chucking them into an empty void and hoping they somehow create a bridge, namely, frustrating, probably pointless, and prone to making you feel like finding the largest rocks possible and shoving them off the edge instead, possibly with dynamite attached.

I view it more as a communal thing. I assume that the author isn't going to take my advice, and even if they do it's going to be about some trivial thing like fixing the spelling on their title and no more. But they're not the only one who'll see the review, and it turns out authors are pretty good at taking concrit if it's not directed at them. And it also normalizes concrit, so that if someone comes along later and points out a couple things, they're more likely to take it in stride and maybe improve, and the other reviewer is less likely to get bitched at and decide to stop. It even makes it so that reviewers who think all you're supposed to do is a simple "good job! write more" might start considering what about the story they liked and didn't, and making small suggestions.

And the author, well, my reviews are signed, so they can't just delete it once they've read three lines in and realized it was critical. A month will pass, and it'll stop being upsetting. Three months will pass, and it'll stop seeming so unreasonable. Six months will pass, and they'll look back and think that maybe I had a point. And they'll remember how I reviewed a couple other stories, and that some of the things I mentioned then had bothered them a bit too, and...

In conclusion:

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So I'm at 459 reviews according to my file. I was going to ask if people thought I should just review up to five hundred, but then I realized that wow, it's the twenty-seventh, so I might as well keep going. I'm back up to over eleven hundred reviews, hopefully it'll take this time.

Next year, this will be a January thing. Definitely.

Anon has finally appeared! I also got a couple of reviews for random stories (all really short stories for some reason...I mean, it's not like they were actually reading them before reviewing in the first place, so why bother?). GUYS SOMEONE IS INFLATING MY REVIEW COUNT OMG HALP.

Relatedly, somehow the hate me poll option still hasn't quite managed to unseat Unoriginality. It got close, but then Unoriginality got more votes too.

I really wish we could organize some sort of system with multiple people trading off reviewing duties, because blanketing the category really does produce results. The longer I review the less bitchiness I see, and those of you actually reading my dialogue paragraph may notice it keeps getting longer and more detailed as I encounter more people getting it right and only making some error on the finer points.

Edit: Oh, and I'm wondering if I should create a C2 for stories that are okay or better. I put a bunch of stuff on alert because I wanted to see where it was going first, and there's a number of other things that are flawed but still quite decent.
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Angry anons, there are only four remaining days to pop up and tell me how angry you are!

OMFG caught up. Sixteen pages. )
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I've mostly stopped clicking on anything marked humor, which makes things easier. I'm back over a thousand reviews again.

Another pathetic five pages. Going to have to do a lot tomorrow, I'm about twenty behind again. )
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So FFN finally readjusted my review numbers back down to 960. Given that if you go back to the first of these and check, only three of the mega post are missing, that's a bit weird. I'll have to go through and see if the short spellcheck/proper grammar/paragraphing ones are gone, as I tended to report the really awful ones and it'd be nice to have some confirmation they actually are deleting stuff for breaking the rules.

Wherein authors say things that don't make any sense, people in romance fic fail to act like people, and an absolutely terrible Pokemon/CCS crossover. )
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I've managed to pass a thousand reviews.

Eleven pages, and I'm still thirty behind. )
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So I hit 51,532 words yesterday. This'll bring us up to exactly 57,532. So huh.

Anyway, the reasonably decent stuff continues. Well, that, and I'm also not reviewing stuff that's really awful or I've reviewed the author already or whatnot. Also there were a couple reposted stories.

Okay, so we're back to me being a mere twenty stories behind. OH GOD STOP POSTING PEOPLE. Anyway, fourteen pages, including THE EVIL SCIENTIST WHO MUTATED POKEMON, more useless housewives, an irritating trend in author's notes and some girl with scars. )

Next up: A bulk post of some of the replies I've been getting.
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I've edited my profile to include, among other things, a link to the Aooo thing. The shippy crap honestly seems like it'd be a better fit, plus it makes it less likely I'll see any of it. Also, I may possibly have been redirecting trolls over to Serebii, so you guys may want to think twice about reviewing bad stories by newly joined members over there for a little while.

Also, very few of the stories seem to be being deleted after I review, which is pretty nice. That was actually part of my motivation for posting these. Admittedly it's only been a few days, so we'll have to see, but currently I've finally managed to get OVER 900 reviews. Okay, not as impressive as 9000, but still pretty good, especially considering the reviews I'm giving.

I'm also steadily accumulating more and more autocorrect entries. I'm currently up to fifteen. It probably makes these a lot more repetitive to read, but it makes me a lot less likely to suddenly explode in rage after one too many "Ok." He explained and thus helps me keep at a nice steady low boil of continual hate.

...I am becoming a chicken. Eighteen pages, and I'm still almost twenty stories behind. You have to run as fast as you can to stay in one place... )


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