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Posted the first chapter of Inheritors over on FFN. Pit of voles it may be, but I think we've conclusively proven that comparatively, voles are pretty smart for the fandom.

Did consider having fun by trying to convince people Irin isn't the same person as Farla, (I mean, my IP is the school's, it's not like "oh, that's my friend who I'm in close contact with" is a hard sell here). But since my original banning was pretty much mod despotism, I imagine it's a semantic difference anyway and knowing me/being on my side is a quasi-bannable offense.

Plus, I really do find it awesome that I got banned for being myself. Clearly the forums were traumatized from last time, and my name is spoken in whispers among the average modship. It's like regular internet fame but somehow much, much more funny.

(All this in mind - should I unlock past entries where we were chattering about this, or is it better to keep that stuff out of sight, Serebii being as it is?)

Also, because I can't go without throwing more fuel on the fire of crazy: I think I'll do this again next year or so, as Redux.


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