Jan. 17th, 2009 09:22 am
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Saw one of my hacked pokemon show back up on the GTS (I've seen a couple I wondered about from before I was nicknaming reliably, but none confirmed) so I think we're finally moving toward saturation point. Of course, they were asking for a darkrai, so either they're not quick on the uptake or they're trying to dupe it, but that's probably the only reason it stuck around long enough for me to see in the first place.

I wonder if other people are retrading along the friendscode line, because I know at least one person is basically following me around and I can't imagine why they'd need a dozen identical umbreon. I certainly hope so.


Aug. 5th, 2008 07:59 am
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Action replay is awesome.
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Hey look it's DarkPersian's fanfic again.

I was curious what the third version would look like - had DP decided a full rewrite was in fact necessary? Reading on, the answer appears to be along the lines of "Hell no! I's awesome."

I have to give credit to the forumgoers for steadily jumping on the sueishness, though. I'm impressed enough by the magnitude and overall articulativeness to overlook the "I know she's totally not a sue, of course, but it maybe looks kinda slightly like one here by accident I'm sure" phrasing some of them used, and even the "LOL Lisa's unrealistic and frankly bizarre obsession with math is so funny and realistic!" bit. (Thank god Dragonfree took that part on, though.) The reviews just go and go and go! Fight sueishness, forum posters I mostly don't recognize! Fight!

Honestly, it makes me tempted to go play there. But I don't have a new sockpuppet fanfic ready... (I'd go as somebody else and post my existing fanfic, but I sense that wouldn't work for more than five seconds.)

(And when is Bleachmonster Alchemist updating? Dammit I wanna see the fireworks already!)
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Firstly, Ch15 of PR is up.

Secondly, go and on fanworksfinder.com.

Fanworksfinder is a great way to collect fiction from all the different places on the web. However, in order to be useful it requires people to go through, reccing good ones and burying bad ones.

Also, a crapload of Ash/Misty and other romance, most of it garbage, has been uploaded, pretty much to the exclusion of all else and certainly to the point where one can't find anything else, and it takes a lot of people to bury someone to the point it's removed. Help? Practically no one else in the fandom is active there, but a lot of stories have been added and need sorting and burying. Mostly burying.
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Chapter Twenty-One, HOW TO GIVE YOUR STUPID BRAT TRAINER AN EEVEE, of Unoriginality OT is now up.

One of the recurring criticisms I get is that I just tell people what's wrong rather than how they could fix it. I've always taken this to mean people don't like my suggestions on how they could fix it.

So then

Aug. 4th, 2007 07:23 pm
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Strikethrough07:The Bolding is in full swing. Can I get away with just a "aw, fuck"?

In more positive news, I've finally beat Diamond, by which I mean beat the elite four and netted myself a cute female eevee, then broke down in tears at the realization of how many more subquests and subsubquests I needed to do.

My winning team:
Empoleon L48
Lucario L48
Gabite L47
Rapidash L51
Drapion L47
Dialga L49
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So. The Guide to Writing Non-Sucky Pokemon Fan Fiction doesn't look any less sucky today than yesterday.

Well, see what you think )

Okay, I'm done. Hopefully, another chapter of PR will be posted today.


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