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Look there is already Christmasy shit up and music on the radio there is no point in struggling.

So this month I'm reviewing. But not NaRe reviewing, nice-reviewing. The prospect of not reading several hundred variations of Male and Female with Pine Tree this month has put me in a wonderful mood.

I've been meaning to go through Homestuck fic, so there's that. I will also be taking requests to review stories, either yours or someone else's. In the someone-else's case, I may not post the review there, I'm still deciding.

Note: nice reviewing = I'm reviewing stories I like. It doesn't mean I'll be nice to you if you request a review.

Feel free to also leave any sort of other requests demands here in the hopes that in my current good mood, I will actually consider them. Anything other than "Farla, why can't you participate in fandom in a sane manner instead of dropping off the face of the internet at random, is this really so hard" will be given due consideration.

Well that and the secret. But you don't know what the secret is, so you can't ask about it! :D

Edit: Also this is my froggle.
He is called frog and froggle, but there was insistence he needs a name, so his name is Slick. But he is called froggle. He will be presiding over Christmasy shenanigans I think.
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So today's crazy bitchery award goes to the Pisces of Zodiac Chiks (because an inability to spell your penname properly is such a good sign). Later I got a less frothing reply from her other half, which is ironic, since she claimed to be the more patient one, but that one wasn't lolarious like Pisces girl, who claimed:

I'm getting the feeling that you're not a fan of Original Characters or anything that isn't Canonical to a Series. And, just out of curiousity, I popped over to your Profile and saw all
of your Mary-Sue parodies; even though you don't call them Parodies.

Yep. If you decide to write off someone's criticism as "they just hate all OCs", and you go over to their profile and find they're writing OCs, the proper response is to assume all hundred of their stories are secret parodies regarding how much they hate OCs. Because there's no other explanation for why they wouldn't like your OC who is definitely not a sue.

Bonus funny: she replied to my bit about not capitalizing pokemon names with a rant about how she already knew when things should and shouldn't be capitalized.

But that's not all. Honorable mention goes to xxbeccatxx, who won the coveted nostalgia award when she decided that she should reply by reviewing one of my stories, which can be seen in all its glory here. It's enough to wish there was an option to block review-replies, just so more people would do crazy stuff like that. No, I'm not kidding, it really was more fun when people either had to use email or play the drama out in public.

And then there's Pokemon: Origins, which appears to be actually good. Involves the canon cast, focuses on Ash, and otherwise can't possibly be real. I'm going to realize it's a sleep deprived hallucination tomorrow morning, so you should probably read it now.
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So apparently the average fanlib denizen lacks self-preservation skills.

Here's the story. Try to pinpoint when a mistake is made.

Moderately long story is moderately long cut! )


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