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Chapter Twenty-Six, Hypotheticals, of Unoriginality is up.

Kind of loosely organized, as the theme is mainly just what's bumping around my head at the moment. It was fun to write, though, and with luck will only feed the brewing feud.
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Chapter 24 (Sometimes the answer's just no) of Unoriginality OT is up. I don't think it's a particularly good chapter, but it's been done for a while and it's slapped up on fanlib already, so posted (Really not sure how I'm going to get around the no-special-characters thing in the long term, PR alone is pretty much unworkable without being able to distinguish between speech/pokemon speech/psychic speech.)

Should be a second new chapter up shortly, as I made the mistake of checking out Serebii and found someone actually advising the "start somewhere interesting...then jump back to the very beginning of the story" model of trainerfic and was filled with the desire to maul them.
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Chapter Twenty-One, HOW TO GIVE YOUR STUPID BRAT TRAINER AN EEVEE, of Unoriginality OT is now up.

One of the recurring criticisms I get is that I just tell people what's wrong rather than how they could fix it. I've always taken this to mean people don't like my suggestions on how they could fix it.


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