Mar. 9th, 2011 07:11 pm
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The snow is melting and forming little streamlets that funnel over mud and pebbles and it is absolutely breathtaking.
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The weather is absolutely terrible. We have the chickens up close to the house, but the result is they're on a slope. Their run is sludge (the fact they dug pits certainly didn't help) and they've covered in mud now. They have a hay bale in there but it's clearly not enough. It's a good thing half of it collapsed under the rain so we have to take them in at night, or we might not even have realized how bad it's gotten in there. Just bringing Fluffles in tonight got her soaked worse, because the ramp to the coop was so slippery she kept falling back down before she could get in. It took her five or six tries to get to in so I could pick her up.

Luckily the base we set up in the coop to keep them from getting too cold is working much better than we ever intended, so that whole area's still dry. But they just don't dry off in there, it's too humid.

It's supposed to stop raining eventually, but I don't know if things will actually dry off.

On the brighter side, the weather's uncharacteristic for now like it is every year. So the climate shift may have finally moved spring up instead of down. (Or we might just have an even longer wet not-spring...) So if it does dry off the chickens will be able to go out and eat greens again. They definitely want that.
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So it's been mostly September this month, then several days of October. It managed to get to November and I had high hopes it might reach December by the end of the thirtieth, but we seem to be backsliding again to October.


Jun. 9th, 2008 06:56 pm
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So it's really hot all of a sudden here, after being really cold. Yesterday I started to get heatstroke (this probably had more to do with dehydration than heat, which in turn probably had more to do with lack of salt than water). Anyway, fun.

I'd gotten bored of stalking Silawen's reviews and stopped paying attention to Serebii. But then enablers showed up and I got dragged back in for some quick perusal.

Of interest:

1) Why is it my name always gets weird misspellings? How can you misspell it? You're reading it! It's written right there! That's the spelling! AjhwihfkssjfeeowOOJKDHW!

2) It can't be a OT cliche because I did it in my OT fic! (How dare you insult me by mentioning it you jerk!)

...also I need to answer my email and go review people.


May. 6th, 2008 01:05 pm
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It's absolutely lovely here. All the trees are in bloom, and the weather's perfect.

My evil plan continues apace.
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It's been snowing again. The ground and sky are the same color, broken up by the black of tree branches.

I hate the cold, but this makes it all worth it.


Feb. 19th, 2008 05:46 pm
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Today was a spring day, which made it very nice out. As pleasant as it was, I can't help but feel unsettled at the idea of days coming loose from their season.
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It's dusting out, ice flecks sparkling in the air as if it's snowing glitter, thin wafers catching in the light to be rainbow for an instant as they fall.

As usual, I wonder if anyone else notices.

In philosophy, a girl said that we must be here for a reason, because otherwise we wouldn't exist, so it must be good to keep existing.

Sometimes, I wonder if people like that really don't have any better reason for being alive.

I don't know. They seem happy enough. I'd think, it's just that they've never thought about it, but which is easier to come to, the world is beautiful, or There is a god out there and it made me here and therefore I should continue to be in the world? So I wonder.

But it's cold out and it's dusting glitter ice and the ground is covered in what looks like powdered sugar, and...


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