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Last chapter, Katniss' sister had just been chosen for murderdeathball. Katniss volunteers herself in her sister's place.

And fridge logic kicks in )

On to Chapter Three )
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So Smallbrother told me I should read The Hunger Games, and I decided to take this opportunity to demonstrate the difference between the reviews I give fanfic and what it actually looks like when I'm really picking things apart.

As is usual for people trying to talk things up to me, my brother's description of the book did not impress. "So they're doing it for the evululz?" I said.


So who could turn that down.

The back of the book claims If she is to win, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. I am all about that kind of stuff.

Also, my brother recced it in part as feminist because the main character is not only female but competent, which is actually not exactly a view I hold, so you get bonus attention to gender here.

Well, here we go. )

So in conclusion, that's what a picky review for a published book looks like people, stop whining about how I pointed out major grammar errors in your fic because OMG it's not like it's PUBLISHED or something.
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Finally done. )

And on that note, we really are done!

I'd like to take a moment to remind some lurkers I've been happily watching for the past few days that you're totally complicit in this. As I've said before, I'll stop doing this as soon as anyone else steps up. If you think the problem is how I'm saying it, go forth and review in whatever you think the acceptable tone of text is. I don't care how this stuff is said so long as someone says it, and if someone or someones want to blanket the category with an explanation of dialogue next time, I won't.

And now back to Homestuck. I got all the way up to page three and now I'm back to page god knows what. So early accusations of futility may have been warranted, but sometimes the enjoyment is in the stone-rolling itself, so on balance I'm going to call that a net win for me.

Edit: Oh anon, you have no idea do you? ♥♥♥
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I can't really say if they're better or worse. )

Would have gotten more done but my laptop's getting screwy again.
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Sixteen pages! )

Current review count: 1883
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Ugh. )

Current review count is 1732 reviews.


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