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As the end of the contest neared, I was getting progressively more bitter and angry at the world. It's then I decided to branch out from posting subject matter about the bible advertisers didn't want into posting subject matter about current events advertisers didn't want.

The story that resulted was equal parts seething rage and flamebait, and due to time restrictions/an inability to look up Iraq videos at the time without becoming overcome by crushing despair, the factchecking for some setting details is lacking. It's a songfic, so it can't be posted on Fictionpress, and honestly for the previous reasons it probably shouldn't anyway. So, instead, here's Hadji Girl )

Fun fact: Despite language, subject matter, etc, this story was also rated PG-13, not Adult.

And that's the end of it. Stories have been posted, experiences reminisced, and the site should go down sometime today.

Edit: As of 11, Fanlib is finally closed down - insomuch as having a new page up to say they're closed can be considered such.
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I hadn't forgotten my original idea of the contest being a NaNo-like encouragement to write more, nor my still earlier idea of the site being a place to post fic that stretched the concept of "fan" to the breaking point. So when a new contest popped up, after my first impulse to ignore the thing, I reread the entry guidelines.

For 17 year-old Janie Hannagan, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old — especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody-notices dreams, and the sex-crazed dreams. She can't tell anybody about her predicament; they'd never believe her or, worse, they'd think she's a freak. So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn't want and can't control. Eventually, she learns to control what happens in others' dreams.

Inspired by the just-released book Wake, write a story describing what happens when you find yourself jumping into someone else's dreams or nightmares and how you help change the outcome.

Shorter: Wake has a character help people through dreams. Write about a character who goes into dreams too.

Can I subvert this? I asked myself. Yes. Yes, I can.

I promptly wrote up The Wall Was Still Only Half Covered, then, after perusing the entries and coming across a truly jawdropping example where some spoiled American teen channels the vapid dumbness of her insulated lifestyle to teach the African victim of tragedy that life is great, added Fixing.

And, fresh on the heels of the new stupid unearthed by the Rebels sequence, I wrote up yet another autobiographical thing: In the Interests of Elevated Debate )
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Of course, despite my intent to post for the reward monies, I was continually drawn to debate on the forum for entirely rational reasons.

A protracted argument flared up repeatedly across many threads regarding "the one star bandit" (ie, someone gave my story a one star and it can't possibly be because of all the spelling errors), occasionally morphing into the crazy polite concrit is the only real concrit you flamers argument. Somehow, no one ever noticed the logical disconnect between "there's only one or at most a couple one-starring jerks" and the idea that they were the outnumbered and persecuted minority when they spoke up against it - even when expressing their outnumbered and persecuted views led to ten-page threads of people agreeing with them. Between this, the PMs, and the reviews, I soon had material for another story - in fact, nine separate chunks worth of one.

The Rebel(s) )

Ironically, the posting of the Rebel sequence served to draw more crazy out of the woodwork, leading to a single person accuse me of, all at the same time, committing libel against forum members by showing their arguments out of context/misrepresenting the entire argument (never mind that none of the characters are identified as particular forummembers, and to recognize any individual as having made the same argument you'd have to read the argument in the original context. This was, after all, a moderately Christian place and they were well versed in circular logic), while saying I was making up the more extreme things, while saying it was wrong because I was giving my view of their arguments rather than their own words, while being outraged by later statements that the more extreme stuff involved direct quotes. Before long it entered into that special quagmire of stupid. Summarized:

Reviewer: This is terrible because it's full of strawmen, but I guess that's what you intended so it can't be fixed.
Me: No, it's a parody where I exaggerate things. If you have examples of where I actually misrepresented an argument I'd be happy to fix that.
Reviewer: No the whole thing is an attack on specific people so it can't be fixed. Also, strawmen.
Me: Uh, no. Examples?
Reviewer: There are arguments here that you don't believe.
Me: I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.
Reviewer: See, I knew you were lying about listening to concrit!
Me: WTF?
Reviewer: You're frustrated, which means I'm right. Also you are an evil bitch whore who hates freedom and is just jealous.
Me: It is strangely like you did not read the story.
Reviewer: You're arguing, which means I'm right.
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The next part of my fanlib journey came about when Fanlib announced a new contest. Not understanding how contests on the intertubes work, this one, rather than being the tried and true standard of "One prize regardless of how many people participate however much", had set checkpoints for anyone who fulfilled the criteria.

I was writing the start of Left Alone at the time and planning on posting it as a continuation of my antagonistic biblefic thing. And if their incentives encouraged me to chop it up into a billion mini-chapters, reducing readability on their site, then I'd just have to suffer through acting against their interests for personal gain. I viewed it as a sort of alternative NaNoWriMo, up until the point I ran the numbers and realized they were asking for the equivalent of more than five NaNos in three months, at which point my view changed to something more like chop-up-existing-stories-and-slap-them-up-there-months.

The rules gave points for both submissions and reviews, so I planned to alternate between the two. Little did I know that the fanlib denizens I shared the site with were fucking insane.

In short order I was reexamining their rules and discovering that, thanks to their loose definition of what, exactly, constituted a story, combined with their permissiveness to post virtually anything (aside from too much of teh gay where teh childrens might find it), I could just post rants in the third person and get points for it. I quickly dashed off exactly that.

Regarding Responding to Reviews )

I'd abuse this loophole in the days to come.
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So FFN's added a new version of the hit counter, because I need more fiddly numbers to waste time with.

Meanwhile, Fanlib's going under in a few days. As we say here on the intertubes, PWNED.

It does put me in an interesting position - you see, while most of what I posted were existing stories hacked up into 500-600 word chunks, and another chunk were fragments of scenes that I don't really want people to read yet but posted to fill up space, there's also some complete stories I only posted there.

I started posting on Fanlib for the same reason I do anything - they pissed me off. In one of the rare moments they gave actual information, an offhand mention was made about how progressive their rating system was - bibleslash had shown up and they'd decided to let it stay, choosing to jack up the rating (hiding it behind a filter in the process) rather than delete it. The moderation seemed bit confused by my immediate demands for an explanation and ended up giving their vague guidelines - in the case of the Bible Fandom, fics with "contemporary themes" will be re-rated Adult by an administrator.

My immediate thoughts were along the lines of Woman's Suffrage: Inappropriate for Children Under Thirteen Unless Accompanied By An Adult. Then, as is only reasonable, my mind jumped to all the (apparently kosher) depictions of everything else in the bible, and, of course, I set out to write and post such things on Fanlib. My first story was The Daughters Lot, and yes, it turns out heterosexual relationships, even repeated incest rape where the victims are blamed for it, is just fine in a way guys kissing is totally not.

I went on to write two more stories. They weren't necessarily the best stories, but they were good enough for my goal of posting stuff that technically fit the letter of their restrictions while violating the spirit in ways that also weren't so appropriate for children.

Traditional Values - Tenets and Tenants )

Traditional Values - Willing and Guilty )

First story was rated All, second PG-13 due to word filters. But it didn't involve teh gays or equal rights or women voting, so it had the Fanlib seal of approval.

Later I got into a fight on the forums regarding "Christian Fiction" that can be summed up thusly:

Poster asks about links for "Christian Fiction"
Knowing full well that's a coded request but disliking coded requests, I promptly linked what I was writing and pointed out that if they meant something other than "Fiction involving Christianity" they'd damn well better be clearer about it.
A few posts later a brawl had broken out.
It was the best day ever.


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