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Getting a pileup that might all get deleted down again, so I want to preserve it forever because it's beautiful.

(All the lovely chatter from last time's gone because they switched to a new page.)

So the new page has barely been up before minchan makes a cool edit!
*** It should also be noted that there are several cases where Farla simply contradicts canon- such as when a Suicune, sent out to fight another pokemon after being caught, just jumps over the heads of everyone there and leaves, or in the chapter "Sometimes the answer's just no", where an Abra just leaves, despite having been caught by the trainer. She goes out of her way to point out how bad and awful OT fiction is for ignoring canon, and then just does the same thing- I hae to second the dis-recommendation thing, really.

I can only assume this has come up in more recent episodes at any point since I stopped watching.

(It will never matter because stories are not bad for ignoring canon, they are bad for being bad. I care a lot less about canon than people think.)

**** @/FalconPain: Those examples reflect one of Farla's biggest pet peeves: catching and training a Pokemon that doesn't want to be caught or trained and treating it as anything other than abuse. I find the stories worth a read but not necessarily worth taking to heart, as there are some chapters that don't sit right with me; her chapter about why a character shouldn't start the journey as an older teenager sounds dangerously close to "if you aren't training Pokemon by age ten, you shouldn't be training them at all", or even "Pokemon training is kid's stuff that adults should be embarrassed to still be doing".

FalconPain continues to interpret for me. So far they've done an okay job with that so that's fine though.

I find their complaint interesting because my chapters on older trainers involve other older trainers being the ones to say it's dumb exactly because I want to encourage people to remember it's srs bsns and older trainers should be around, and I'd be interested which one they're talking about here.

Anyway <3 Tvtropes, I wish there were more places people talked about fic with the (okay, mistaken, but) idea the author would never see it. I would post so much stuff there and watch with glee.

Also apparently they're finally trying to prune out the really shitty fic, so kudos guys! Just don't take mine down until people get all their commentary out. Also, please apply this wonderful idea to the rest of the fandom pages.
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