Feb. 13th, 2011

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So my laptop is officially fucked. I've been babying it along with one problem but now pretty much everything else has broken at once because planned obsolescence. Currently it wants me to cuddle with the power jack in order to charge. I think it's having neediness problems because I've stopped taking it everywhere with me. Well it should have thought of that before breaking its case open.

What really annoys me is none of the stuff going wrong is the actual computer part, and it's all completely fixable, I just don't have any of the tools. And no way in hell am I letting any tech people near it. I refuse to pay more in repairs than I did for the computer and I especially refuse to pay anyone any money at all to diagnose that the parts of my laptop that are barely attached are the problem with my laptop.

Anyway ordered a netbook to replace it for now. Been meaning to try one out for a while. Hopefully the power will keep working on this one until then.


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