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I have a new story idea gnawing at my brain. Hard.

Like all good ideas, it has gone through five or six permutations without getting any less urgent. The last iteration was to write an original fic involving one character bamfing into their videogame, only from the perspective of the main videogame character as if that's the real world. So they'd be jumped by some complete stranger babbling utter nonsense, who acts like they're best buddies and yet fails to do anything to prevent the coming disasters (they are, after all, acting out the plot of a videogame, which tends to involve a lot of those), and quickly (and transparently) claims ignorance of future plot points because they don't want to change the story. Because they want to play through the game, dammit, even if that means three cities get flattened or half the population of the world is sucked into hell along the way.

The major problem with this is that it involves writing not only the story, but the original videogame storyline, and then the modified game storyline that results from the extra character. More, it requires a videogame set in the apparent real world, which I'm not at all familiar with (the majority of those are things I can't play, like horror games).

So the solution is a trial run using an existing game. Pokemon is obviously unsuited. My brain produces something like a divide by zero error every time I even think of using dot hack. So Kingdom Hearts.

It has a mix of storyline events based on the main set of characters' decisions and set events put into play by others, so that the plotline wouldn't immediately go off the rails with slight interference. More, I'm relatively familiar with the fandom and existing bamf!fics, which means I can construct a more customized fan character than just a generic gamer. And since the Kingdom Hearts fandom is fucking insane, said fan character will be pretty interesting bouncing off the canon set.

This was all hypothetical until yesterday when I wrote up a few pages of the opening, making it the second story I'm working on rather than work on the stuff I'm supposed to. (Also - attempting to write dialogue with four characters at once is really, really hard. Especially when you're not used to writing canon characters at all.)

The current story is that the gang sees someone falling from the sky in a way. They head over to meet the bamf!kid, who's dressed like Sora, glomps Riku, babbles nonsense that still contains way too much accurate information no one outside the group should know, and acts like they want to tear Kairi limb from limb for no reason. Hilarity ensues, except for how it completely doesn't. Also, thanks to an overreliance on game detail, the bamf!kid miscalculates the game date, preventing them from making the one storyline change they'd have certainly tried for.


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