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Something that's been nagging in the back of my mind.

DP: Besides, creating "Sue-like" qualities for my character was actually planned. She goes out into the world being a know it all, and soon finds out, "Oh, snap! Maybe I ain't so perfect after all!" And who doesn't want to see the "perfect" character get a harsh wake-up call?

DF: If the idea of all of this is to show a character who thinks she's perfect being knocked off her high horse, then you need to make it sound like it if you plan to make your readers keep reading beyond the first chapter or two. Most importantly, you should not make all the information about how great she is come from the emotionally detached but oddly biased narrator, but from Lisa herself. I'd have seen immense amounts of potential in this story if only you'd had the sense to write your first chapters in such a way that my first impression was not "Lisa is teh ├╝berawesome" but "Lisa thinks she is teh ├╝berawesome, seriously needs a slap in the face, and is probably going to get one"...
It is possible to write a character like Lisa right.

Only... )

Or, to put this in other terms... The whole Bleach/FMA/God-knows-what-other-anime plagiartastic fic made me tempted to write CCS with Pokemon and post it for the lulz.

Why don't I? Because the story itself needs to stand on its own. Lucki isn't simply a suefic that I end with "haha, got you, you idiots!", and Butterfly Wings isn't a sue that runs around while Sora fawns over her that I'll end with "LOL Sora was so out of character this whole time because there's no way he'd like her otherwise!" Copying something stupid and then saying it's dumb in the last chapter...what's the point of that?


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