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Last time on the Hunger Games, Katniss finds out that the drunken former winner is actually going to be really important to their survival in the games.

So they need to sober him up. )

Chapter Five )
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Last chapter, Katniss' sister had just been chosen for murderdeathball. Katniss volunteers herself in her sister's place.

And fridge logic kicks in )

On to Chapter Three )
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So Smallbrother told me I should read The Hunger Games, and I decided to take this opportunity to demonstrate the difference between the reviews I give fanfic and what it actually looks like when I'm really picking things apart.

As is usual for people trying to talk things up to me, my brother's description of the book did not impress. "So they're doing it for the evululz?" I said.


So who could turn that down.

The back of the book claims If she is to win, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love. I am all about that kind of stuff.

Also, my brother recced it in part as feminist because the main character is not only female but competent, which is actually not exactly a view I hold, so you get bonus attention to gender here.

Well, here we go. )

So in conclusion, that's what a picky review for a published book looks like people, stop whining about how I pointed out major grammar errors in your fic because OMG it's not like it's PUBLISHED or something.
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When I go home for Easter we're going to take apart the other computer and see if the "unfixable" problem for that one can also be fixed with copious liquid metal and a healthy disregard for safety regulations.

Also I can get to my halfway finished fic now and actually finish it.
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I'm worried he might have abscesses on his body as well but I can't risk getting bit.


Mar. 9th, 2011 07:11 pm
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The snow is melting and forming little streamlets that funnel over mud and pebbles and it is absolutely breathtaking.
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Just did a quick check with what's in the meme collection by character. Removing groups (including just "The Felt" instead of counting it on the male side) and just going by individual characters:
Female characters were tagged 56 times.
Male characters were tagged 111 times.

There's 13 listed female characters, which goes down to 10 if you combine ones with different names. The character in the most stories is Rose, at 12, followed by Jade and Kanaya at 7.

There's 22 listed male characters, 20 once combined. The character in the stories is Karkat with 21, followed by Dave (14) then John (12).

Almost exactly twice as many boys than girls in every comparison.

So then I did the category as a whole. It's a bit better.

I removed Death, Hella Jeff, Imperial Drone, Nicolas Cage, Skipper Plumbthroat, and Sweet Bro from the list as not being actual Homestuck characters or, in the case of the Imperial Drone, not having a gender. So that's five male characters down by technicality. Also, Casey was counted as a female character.

There are 18 female characters, once you remove repeats and 582 total times the tags were used. Rose is most popular again at 117, followed by Jade (103) and then Terezi (67).

Male characters at 39 and there were 770 times the tags were used. (Of course I can't think of a single time I've seen a male character get bashed in a story about them.) Most popular was Dave (137), followed by John (115) and Karkat (104). I think the difference is largely that meme fic tends to have a restricted cast, while regular fanfic is more likely to reference the whole cast, at least in passing.

I'm doing a bit better myself - the cast list for my fics is 10 for both, but the total is 19 for male characters and 13 for female ones.

None of this gets into the issue of viewpoint/main character vs side character, but I expect it comes out similarly.
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At last!

Now no one post anything ever again.


Feb. 19th, 2011 05:07 am
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Netbook arrived! After two infuriating hours trying to get Internet Explorer and the wireless to work at the same time without the entire computer freezing I finally managed to get everything working long enough to download a decent browser and now it's running perfectly! And I can type almost as well as I could on my old one, and probably better once I get used to it because I keep typing really weird/lazily so close keys is good.

Also the battery is currently at 24% which gives me another two hours. At max everything. This is awesome.

I was expecting it to choke and die on videos but actually it runs them fine. Haven't checked to see if it'll struggle playing music while I do other things, but cautiously hopeful.
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So my laptop is officially fucked. I've been babying it along with one problem but now pretty much everything else has broken at once because planned obsolescence. Currently it wants me to cuddle with the power jack in order to charge. I think it's having neediness problems because I've stopped taking it everywhere with me. Well it should have thought of that before breaking its case open.

What really annoys me is none of the stuff going wrong is the actual computer part, and it's all completely fixable, I just don't have any of the tools. And no way in hell am I letting any tech people near it. I refuse to pay more in repairs than I did for the computer and I especially refuse to pay anyone any money at all to diagnose that the parts of my laptop that are barely attached are the problem with my laptop.

Anyway ordered a netbook to replace it for now. Been meaning to try one out for a while. Hopefully the power will keep working on this one until then.
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Technically homework )

My peers liked how academic it was, the way it inserted a new species into our world, and raised questions about how the human scientist had met with cefnir originally. I resolved that the half hour I spent on this was clearly more than they deserved.

The more I think about it the more I'm not sure if octopus people are actually the way to go. Looking over the Nestbound thread, the best bits are the comics that are about human-equivalent bugs who happen to be playing the game like devoted RPG fans, with almost all the weird backstory shit people invent about their doomed culture being interesting worldbuilding but at right angles to what's useful for a sburb story. And the octopus people seem to invite that sort of thing. I was thinking about making their speech involve color changing surfaces (which would allow for the equivalent of stammering or yelling ow by losing control over those surfaces and flashing simpler patterns) with vocalizations being there to get attention when not in line of sight (that being the big issue with having no sound-based communication) followed by realizing either all the sburb NPCs have to use the same thing which conflicts with the whole one-color thing Derse and Prospit have and requires major alterations to the consorts OR that their vocalizations function as a complete language as well, which is redundant and introduces the issue that they'd be able to talk privately around NPCs using the color thing which I dislike for the same reason I generally dislike telepathy, it makes things too easy. There's situations where it'd work for a story but it's really not something I want to insert without having a specific reason. (Also being in the pokemon fandom already I would like to not have to keep track of different forms of speech for once.) And so on. And then fridge logic starts kicking in and I wonder why if they're so weird they'd make good diplomats because a lot of that is being able to find common ground, which would make sense if, say, half of sburb was underwater but again, the focus here would be Derse/Prospit and I don't think the carapace people should vary that much between sessions.

So maybe crocodile people would work better.
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Fed which is a random title but I've apparently lost my ability to think of titles at some point, possibly as some sort of karmic backlash for having too many stories going at once. It's about Vriska because I love Vriska. It's posted now because I've had the stupid thing kicking around for way too long now and I want it done with.

I have more fics I'm working on for the prompt meme because it's surprisingly fun, but they are secret because anonymity is very very very very very very very very important.
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The more I think about this the more I actually want to do it.

Is there any good repository of different fan sburb games I could use to get a baseline?
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[livejournal.com profile] mspa_updates

So yeah. Going to fiddle with settings when I get the chance.

Should probably also make a post asking people what in particular they want.

Also I think I like the update.
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So I've given 686 reviews. I have no idea how many stories were deleted over this, because a lot of people did the delete/repost thing and some people who are brighter than them may be waiting until the month is over to repost, so even going through the links wouldn't tell me much.

Normally I stalk the Just In page for this, but this month I've been behind. The major thing I noticed from that is the lack of reviews. Aside from attention whoring submit-an-OC fics, most had few to no reviews. As a number of newbies reviewed their story while signed in, I'm suspicious about how many anonymous reviews were done by cleverer authors. This is kind of depressing. I'm not even sure if I can say that this is a problem on the reviewers' side, because god damn do most of these fics suck. Looking for even mediocre stories is an exercise in tedium, and I can't help but wonder how many people are actually reading.

Of the 686, 370 of them got the dialogue paragraph. That's not counting the number of stories bad enough for me to just tell them to get a beta reader, yell at them for writing songfic or anything else that made me ragequit early rather than list errors, and there's also a number where was no dialogue to screw up. In fairness, a number of them had what looked like errors as opposed to systematically doing it wrong, but still. I spam the dialogue bit constantly and I just did NaRe a few months ago, I'm not really sure what more I could do. I guess actually reply to everyone who PMs me about "omg long paragraph is looooong" and try to talk them through it would be the next step in futility, but fuck that.

And the thing is, until more people do it and readers can get used to seeing how it works, individual authors will still struggle with the explanation and new authors will keep making the same mistakes. It's one of those tipping point problems.

We really need some sort of reviewing/betaing movement that doesn't involve me doing all of the work.


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