Feb. 1st, 2011

:DDD again!

Feb. 1st, 2011 01:31 am
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DarthLugia is back on the recs page to continue the argument!

*** I'm sorry but in what universe is telling people to burn in hell when they disagree with her about the capitalization of Pokemon's names (when in fact the official rule by Nintendo is that they ARE capitalized, making her the one in the wrong) something necessary in the fanfic community. Honest reviews about the quality of fics (especially terrible ones) are necessary, but borderline troll reviews help no one. They just serve as a bully pulpit for her to act [[HolierThanThou Holier Than Thou]], and end up being rather unhelpful. That said, the quality of her fics is fairly good, and is worth checking out.

Followed by DialgaX saying to take it to the discussion page...as he edited it down to:
** Do note that she is ''not'' nice if not out and out rude and pushy when it comes to reviewing.

Then going to the discussion page to explain to me that
I cleaned it up because it clutters up the page.

And Farla, that does not mean I like or respect you, because I do not.

In sum, someone said my fic is good!
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Fuck you you fucking grammar nazi! I don't appreciate users dictating how I write my stories and how I write my stories is none of your concern.  )
Posting this batch early because the story thing might get taken down and I want everyone to be able to bask in it. It's not as awesome as the crimson red river of sadness, but what is?
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Finally done. )

And on that note, we really are done!

I'd like to take a moment to remind some lurkers I've been happily watching for the past few days that you're totally complicit in this. As I've said before, I'll stop doing this as soon as anyone else steps up. If you think the problem is how I'm saying it, go forth and review in whatever you think the acceptable tone of text is. I don't care how this stuff is said so long as someone says it, and if someone or someones want to blanket the category with an explanation of dialogue next time, I won't.

And now back to Homestuck. I got all the way up to page three and now I'm back to page god knows what. So early accusations of futility may have been warranted, but sometimes the enjoyment is in the stone-rolling itself, so on balance I'm going to call that a net win for me.

Edit: Oh anon, you have no idea do you? ♥♥♥


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