Feb. 12th, 2011

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Technically homework )

My peers liked how academic it was, the way it inserted a new species into our world, and raised questions about how the human scientist had met with cefnir originally. I resolved that the half hour I spent on this was clearly more than they deserved.

The more I think about it the more I'm not sure if octopus people are actually the way to go. Looking over the Nestbound thread, the best bits are the comics that are about human-equivalent bugs who happen to be playing the game like devoted RPG fans, with almost all the weird backstory shit people invent about their doomed culture being interesting worldbuilding but at right angles to what's useful for a sburb story. And the octopus people seem to invite that sort of thing. I was thinking about making their speech involve color changing surfaces (which would allow for the equivalent of stammering or yelling ow by losing control over those surfaces and flashing simpler patterns) with vocalizations being there to get attention when not in line of sight (that being the big issue with having no sound-based communication) followed by realizing either all the sburb NPCs have to use the same thing which conflicts with the whole one-color thing Derse and Prospit have and requires major alterations to the consorts OR that their vocalizations function as a complete language as well, which is redundant and introduces the issue that they'd be able to talk privately around NPCs using the color thing which I dislike for the same reason I generally dislike telepathy, it makes things too easy. There's situations where it'd work for a story but it's really not something I want to insert without having a specific reason. (Also being in the pokemon fandom already I would like to not have to keep track of different forms of speech for once.) And so on. And then fridge logic starts kicking in and I wonder why if they're so weird they'd make good diplomats because a lot of that is being able to find common ground, which would make sense if, say, half of sburb was underwater but again, the focus here would be Derse/Prospit and I don't think the carapace people should vary that much between sessions.

So maybe crocodile people would work better.


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