Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Just did a quick check with what's in the meme collection by character. Removing groups (including just "The Felt" instead of counting it on the male side) and just going by individual characters:
Female characters were tagged 56 times.
Male characters were tagged 111 times.

There's 13 listed female characters, which goes down to 10 if you combine ones with different names. The character in the most stories is Rose, at 12, followed by Jade and Kanaya at 7.

There's 22 listed male characters, 20 once combined. The character in the stories is Karkat with 21, followed by Dave (14) then John (12).

Almost exactly twice as many boys than girls in every comparison.

So then I did the category as a whole. It's a bit better.

I removed Death, Hella Jeff, Imperial Drone, Nicolas Cage, Skipper Plumbthroat, and Sweet Bro from the list as not being actual Homestuck characters or, in the case of the Imperial Drone, not having a gender. So that's five male characters down by technicality. Also, Casey was counted as a female character.

There are 18 female characters, once you remove repeats and 582 total times the tags were used. Rose is most popular again at 117, followed by Jade (103) and then Terezi (67).

Male characters at 39 and there were 770 times the tags were used. (Of course I can't think of a single time I've seen a male character get bashed in a story about them.) Most popular was Dave (137), followed by John (115) and Karkat (104). I think the difference is largely that meme fic tends to have a restricted cast, while regular fanfic is more likely to reference the whole cast, at least in passing.

I'm doing a bit better myself - the cast list for my fics is 10 for both, but the total is 19 for male characters and 13 for female ones.

None of this gets into the issue of viewpoint/main character vs side character, but I expect it comes out similarly.


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