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Chapter Seven of Inheritors is up.

I really do enjoy writing it, as it's a fun exploration type thing. Also, I feel incredibly pleased to have written an OT that skips over a gym battle. (In theory, there's some degree of ignoring battles at which point even the dimmest of readers will clue into the fact that it's deliberate. In practice, I don't think this is it.) It's not exactly my original idea, since it's cheating by being a story in which battles aren't a big deal, but it's nice to have the concept out there.
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Chapter Six of Inheritors is up.

So, first I had each chapter having half the readers of last time. Then all chapters past the first had almost the exact same number. And now the fourth chapter has more hits than the third, so I think pattern has given way to chaos.

Also, Silawen was nice enough to alert me to a new review over on Serebii. It is made of lol. Highlights include demanding more description despite completely missing half the description in the current version (or even the previous review where I correct the same mistake and say Mada is called he) and accusing me of using a thesaurus, which makes me really sad for humanity.

Preserved for posterity because it is awesome )

(In fairness, I'm not sure how much of this review was him just trying to find things to be bitchy about and how much was honest, so it's possible he's not totally incompetent and just happened to go out of his way to not like the story. For those who follow Serebii - is Diddy on the opposite side of anything Irin was arguing about?)
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Chapter Five of Inheritors is up.

Actually, I'd written up to chapter six a week or two back. I just haven't been using my laptop, which has the chapters, in favor of the other computers around. Also, sleeping.
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The fourth chapter of Inheritors is up, so we're finally past what was posted on Serebii.

It's interesting that a few people seem to fixate on the mention of teleportation, while not paying any attention to the fact it's described as something they don't like to use.
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The chapter where Deus goes and hangs out in Cinnabar is now up.

People are actually doing pretty good since the second chapter. A couple of people veered a bit off course due to overanalyzing what they were given, and their conclusions, while wrong, by and large indicated they were paying close attention to what was going on in the story. By now the uncertainty is pretty much down to "Mew or Mewtwo".

On a side note, this story's displaying really unusual levels of reader fidelity. After I posted the second chapter, the hits to that and the first chapter afterward are identical. Which only gets more confusing given that anyone clicking the story alert should be going straight to the second chapter, so either no one is, or exactly as many people are as people who click on the first chapter and don't read the second. Anyway, it's interesting.
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And the second chapter of Inheritors is up.

I'm not entirely sure if I should say one or two reviewers have guessed right so far.
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That story has been updated. Sadly still lacking in mockable chapter titles, I might add.

It's anyone's guess if it just dipped into some sort of fascism or not.


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